GAURAV CHOPRA’S SHOCKING EVICTION- is there any chance to comeback ?

GAURAV CHOPRA’S  SHOCKING EVICTION :- A reality show BIGG BOSS that is telecasted on the channel COLORS .The show has evicted Gaurav on the last Weekend . We all are really upset n disappointed by this eviction. And I am very much astonished that what had happened to the viewers , are they really want that contestent like Monalisa Antra n Nitibha should remain in the show? After knowing that they are not even entertaining the audience,
so that’s really a sad news for all the viewers who are the supporters of Gaurav that they are no longer going to see their favourite contestent on the show. That’s really unfair with GAURAV because he has given all that was expected from him . He not only entertained the viewers but also supported the contestent who were fair on their part .Moreover he was the one who raised his voice on the unfavourable things going in the house .He was concern for all the contestents and Was having a very polite nature with everyone in the house .

Here is Gaurav Chopra Message after Eviction

He is really a deserving candidate to be the BIGG BOSS season 10.He is the one whose friendship was not fake in the house .His friendship can be seen with Karan Mehra ,Rahul Dev ,Rohan Mehra and especially with VJ Baani.His personality was not fake in the house.He was the one who played his game with full devotion and dedication.He never encouraged the unfair behaviour of contestent in the house like SWAMI OM , PRIYANKA JAGGA etc; Instead of that he raised his voice at highest pitch on Swami Om’s disgust behaviour that crossed the limits of ignorance ,boy cott. He was the one who never talked about someone at his back.He was always ready to help everyone and he faced the situations like a warrior.
He was even fair , strong ,intelligent ,sensible and phenominal in the show .His personality was awesome and incredible. For me he is the one who deserves to be the winner and no one really deserves this huge recommendation. He gives his best in all the task and never gives up. He was even much fair when he was the Captain of the house.And it was also seen that everyone else who were CAPTAIN in the house misused their power and supported themselves and thier friends . Best example for this is Manveer Gujjar who is continuously supporting his friends and that can be seen during the nominations task.Another example is Lopamudra Raut who directly nominated Baani in nominations task and she was also very much rude with Gaurav.

Gaurav Chopra and Bani Jude

Gaurav Chopra and Bani Jude

So it’s very much clear that it is unjustice and unfair with GC [GAURAV CHOPRA]. So this time I urgue you all to BOY COTT BIGG BOSS . For me GAURAV is the winner n no one is capable to win the show . We are the true FANS and SUPPORTERS of GC.
We want GC back on the reality show. GAURAV please come back ,we’ll miss you.

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